From Bevan to Blair

Fifty years reporting from
the political front line


By Geoffrey Goodman




For more than half a century Geoffrey Goodman was one of Fleet Street's foremost political and industrial reporters. This (updated and revised) book is his record of what it was like to work at the heart of British politics. Taking us through the years that followed the end of World War II right up to the end of the Blair years, he offers a compelling story of the characters and events that shaped British political history.

Goodman's unique portraits include many of the political giants of the twentieth century. As a close friend of the great socialist Aneurin Bevan, he is able to reveal the philosophy and drive of the man who could have been Premier. Goodman also offers a behind-the-scenes account of Labour Prime Ministers Harold Wilson and James Callaghan, whom he worked with, and brings to light new reasons why Wilson suspected the security agencies of trying to destabilise his government.

Other portraits include Michael Foot, Harold Macmillan, Edward Heath, Willie Whitelaw, Margaret Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch and Hugh Cudlipp. Then there is the still untold story of the life and bizarre death of Goodman's former boss Robert Maxwell…

All through these momentous years in Labour history, indeed British history, Geoffrey Goodman has had a special ringside seat… We all knew he had the best story to tell, and here it is. It is a triumph of character as much as journalistic skill. Everyone who had the good luck to be friendly with Geoffrey and his family soon discovered that he was never just serving himself. He truly honoured the highest ideals of the Labour movement he had chosen to serve. - Michael Foot


The reporting in this book is as vivid as it was at the time. – Alan Rusbridger, Guardian.

It was pleasing to find that one of the best selling books at the Politico’s stand was Geoffrey Goodman’s From Bevan to Blair, a memoir by one of the great gents of post-war British journalism. – Andrew Marr, Daily Telegraph.

Geoffrey Goodman’s From Bevan to Blair is a pleasure to read. Indeed it serves as a reminder not only of far off events but how those same events have shaped and formed the current political scene in Britain. – David Dadge, Editor, International Press Institute.

Geoffrey Goodman has written a road map of post-war political history and the dominant personalities it produced in Britain… A superb journalist, Goodman watches his subjects and listens with the incisiveness of an artist. – Illtyd Harrington, Camden New Journal.

A marvellous volume which combines social, industrial and political history with a fascinating glimpse into life in Fleet Street during its glory days. – Jayant Chavda, Labour HistoryJournal.

Goodman’s journalistic career reads like an effortless, upward progression. He was to write for all the popular left-wing newspapers of the post-war years – the now forgotten but admirable News Chronicle, the Daily Herald and above all for Hugh Cudlipp’s Daily Mirror… Geoffrey Goodman is a legend in his own lifetime. – Robert Taylor, Tribune.





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